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About Rose

As a social worker, I bring the understanding that how we feel and respond in our lives is not only affected by our individual makeup, but also by the social environment we live and work in. This core aspect of social work practice works towards the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. My main specialty is working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse and complex trauma. These traumatic experiences in childhood can affect a person's sense of self, how they feel about themselves, how they manage strong feelings and take care of themselves, and how they relate to others.


I have worked in various counselling settings such as community health working with families, children and individuals; and in a private psychiatric hospital working with inpatients in the mood disorders unit, including war veterans experiencing post traumatic stress disorder. I have also worked in crisis mental health; as a staff counsellor in NSW Health; providing counselling to students in a university counselling service; and as a counsellor for an Employee Assistance Programme provider.


I have wide experience working with many different issues such as grief and loss, depression, anxiety, phobias, divorce/separation, relationship issues, couple counselling, past and recent trauma, bullying and harassment, and organisational change. I work with women experiencing, or who have experienced domestic violence, and women who have PND, and a significant part of my work involves working with parenting issues. I have work extensively with male and female survivors of child sexual abuse and severe chronic child abuse; dissociative disorders; and adult sexual assault.

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BSW; M. Counselling; Dip. Adult Psychotherapy (ANZAP)


MAASW. Clinical Mental Health Social Worker.

Registered Medicare Provider


Currently, I am researching the counselling and psychotherapy needs of adult survivors of child sexual abuse.



I provide individual clinical supervision for social workers  and counsellors employed in the public and private sector.  






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