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Specialised Trauma Therapy to process traumatic experiences with adult survivors of child sexual/physical and emotional abuse; adult traumatic experiences; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; complex trauma; dissociative disorders.


Individual Therapy to help with issues such as grief and loss, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, work related issues, phobias, bullying, study difficulties, parenting issues, and many more.


Couples Therapy to help couples develop good communication skills and to be able to resolve conflicts, and ways to grow and develop happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Family Therapy to help families develop an understanding of their particular family dynamic, how each family member feels within the family and the “roles” family members adopt, and learning skills to listen and communicate in ways that help family members to feel heard and understood.


Skype Sessions are available Monday to Friday, including before and after hours. 

Clinical Supervision for social workers and counsellors employed in the public and private sector in individual or small group format. 

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